About Us

Petite Band Co. is a Vancouver based company made by women for women. Petite Band Co. was created because we simply got tired of overpriced resistance bands that would break or roll during our workouts. We just wanted to have a good workout without worrying about the integrity of our equipment. And what’s with these companies only offering one size in these bands?!


Our main goal is to make sure everyone has access to good quality resistance bands that cater to their skill level. We have seen far too many resistance bands that only offer one size. But just like clothing, there is no such thing as one size fits all! We are all different and progress differently. We have outgrown the resistance in our bands way too often, and have received bands that were WAY too difficult or WAY too small.

We are not a fan of unnecessary features. We strongly believe that a minimalist lifestyle has drastically improved our outlook on life and we wanted to share that with everyone! So we made sure our resistance bands were engineered intentionally. No random designs, each feature has a purpose.

                1. Created with 70% Nylon to ensure maximum durability
                2. Engineered with 30% Spandex (Lycra) for comfortability and to wick moisture. This allows the band to dry quicker.
                3. Features a comfortable non slip grip that will keep it from slipping and/or rolling during your work out.

    We made sure each band is strong and beautiful. Just like you!